Welcome to Cross Creek Bible Church!

Please join us at Cross Creek Bible Church for:
  • Expository Bible teaching, book by book
  • Music that inspires congregational singing of both familiar hymns and contemporary praise songs
  • A loving church family where you can belong, know people, and find friends
  • A place where you can make a difference as you serve and use your gifts

We believe in:

  • God as our Creator, who put us on this earth to praise His excellencies and submit to His authority.

  • Jesus Christ as God our Savior, who came to earth to open God's only path to an eternal relationship with Him.

  • The Holy Spirit as our Counselor, who guides us to understand God's truth and live it out.

  • The Bible as God's Word, given to us to train us to think rightly about Him and see our lives from His viewpoint.

  • Each other as God's family, together with whom we live life, express His love, and share the Gospel with the world.